We do ask that attendees wear costume to our evening events, and women wear dresses/skirts and men long pants to the daytime events if they do not have daytime costume so that their dress blends with those wearing costume. See what past attendees have worn to this festival at If you cannot find an outfit to wear we simply ask that for evening events women wear smart casual single-colour empire-line gowns and the gentlemen wear a white long sleeved shirt with a waistcoat and neat dress pants or smart dress suit or uniform. Below are some fashion plates that you can use for inspiration when putting together your ball gown for our Napoleonic Ball.

There is a really good guide to costuming for Jane Austen Festival Australia at 


Earthly Delights Historic Dance Academy has costumes and other accessories available for attendees to hire for  Jane Austen Festival Australia 2019.
Hiring-Priority 1
Costumes are available to EDHDA dancers and musicians and theatre performers at either 50 or 100% discount.
Hiring-Priority 2
Ticket holders (including volunteers) at JAFA are invited to hire outfits at a charge of $60 an outfit. 
All outfits should be returned by the end of JAFA 2019, at the last ball on Sunday 14 April.
Dates for fittings
Hiring-Priority 1
2-4pm, Sunday, 24 March at EDHDA Studio, Yarralumla.
2-4pm, Sunday, 31 March at EDHDA Studio, Yarralumla.
At Wednesday classes 3 April at EDHDA Studio, Yarralumla.
Hiring-Priority 2
2-4pm, Sunday 7 April at EDHDA Studio, Yarralumla.
From 8:30am Friday, 12 April at JAFA 2019, the Albert Hall
Please note: interstate attendees are strongly encouraged to bring their outfits with them as EDHDA will only have a limited range of outfits available at JAFA.
Contact Judy Shaw, Wardrobe Mistress, [email protected]




Before JAFA
Regency gowns can be purchased online from Etsy but do be sure to check if it is ready to be shipped or custom ordered and allow time to be shipped to your address.  If you need a hat or bonnet contact Aylwen for custom order in your size. See some examples of her work on

Sales during JAFA
Some items may be for sale, prices vary. Any ticket holder who wishes to sell outfits they no longer require is welcome to do so at JAFA on a sale or return basis. Sales will incur a 30% commission.
Deliver to JAFA at the Albert Hall, preferably before 8:30am Friday or Saturday morning. All items must have a label safety pinned to the garment with your name, mobile number and final sale price. 
Make sure to provide your banking details to the registration desk so that you can receive profits from any sales. We do not provide cash payments.