If you would like to manage one of the groups listed below in 2016 or just be a member of one of these groups, please email aylwen@janeaustenfestival.com.au with your name, address, phone, email and experience or interest.

In 2015 we are offering free tickets to Managers, musicians and presenters of more than two workshops or a 1.5 hr symposium talk. All other volunteers are offered a discounted $150 volunteer ticket to become one of the “working party” who help with administration during the year, keep the hall swept, tea and coffee tables replenished, help prepare and serve supper and tidy the sewing rooms after each session.

Each group manager works closely with the festival director, Aylwen Gardiner-Garden, throughout the year from May to April, and will have a small team of volunteers to assist them. Work is light during the year but a certain amount must be completed each month, requiring a firm commitment from everyone.

Managers: You need to live in Canberra to be part of the management team and have regular email and facebook access.
Team members: live all around Australia and help with administration jobs. Yo need regular email and facebook access.

-limited attendance workshops
-stalls & vendors
-promotions & sponsorship
-volunteers & interns
-program, tickets, registration, database and website
-signage, decorations and layout
-festival fundraising
-period games and outdoor activities
-Sunday picnic and promenade
-costume hire and sales
-presenters applications and thank you gifts
-venue set up and pack down
-other roles still to be identified.

Apply to volunteers@janeaustenfestival.com.au with your name, address, phone, email and experience or interest.