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JAFA Photography by Steven Shaw

Prints, Downloads and Copyright

Please note that I hold the copyright on all of the above image. I grant attendees of the Jane Austen Festival Australia 2013 a non exclusive licence to download my copyrighted photographs of this event which are located at the above links for personal, non-commercial use. Should you wish to use any of the photographs for commercial purposes please contact me by e-mail in the first instance at 

If there is sufficient interest then I will put in place arrangements for people to get printed copies. I would expect pricing to be around $30 for a 6″x8″, $40 for 8″x12″ and $70 for 12″x18″ I would produce the prints myself on archival media. If you are interested in this drop me an e-mail at  then I’ll decide if its worth setting up production.

Steven Shaw
1 May 2013


Elle Macintosh, a journalist student from University Canberra, reported on the event as well and her video is embedded below.

Untitled from Elle Mackintosh on Vimeo.