Save up to $155 by being a Volunteer at Jane Austen Festival Australia

In 2018 Jane Austen Festival Australia is offering two types of volunteer tickets: 30 minutes a day and 90 minutes a day. We do not offer free volunteer tickets. Purchase your Volunteer Tickets online

A volunteer co-ordinator will be contacting volunteers in early 2018 as soon as the festival program is released to ask them to choose where/when they would like to volunteer and to then write up a roster.  Limited Volunteer Tickets are available now from www.janeaustenfestival.com/tickets

Volunteers will be asked to help with setup and pulldown of the festival marquees & tables, washing up tea cups, sweeping the ballroom floor, maintenance/cleaning of the self-serve tea/coffee tables, emptying bins, vacuuming craft rooms, checking toilets have enough paper stock, ensuring water & cups for presenters in teaching rooms, making sure red chairs are not taken outside the Albert Hall, and more.